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The Selection Criteria Secrets That The Other Applicants Don't Know

Get That Job! The Best Guide to Applying for a Government Job

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The top rated selection criteria guide on the market used by numerous government departments to train their own staff

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>   Features

  • How to unlock your potential revolutionise how you think about selection criteria (page 88);
  • Why most applicants don't target their applications to the needs of the selection panel, and how you can (page 52);
  • Step by step guidance on writing enticing descriptions of what you can do, and what you can offer (page 98);
  • The five steps every applicant should take to end up with selection criteria that will get noticed (page 93);
  • Why the old selection criteria models (STAR, CAR, SAR, PAR) don't work (page 111);
  • New trends in selection criteria and government requirements, and how to address them (page 113);
  • The top mistakes that applicants make, voted by real selection panels, and how you can avoid them (page 56);
  • Why most people undersell themselves and how you can be a self-marketing guru (page 93)
  • Comes with access to application templates for GREAT looking applications
  • How to anticipate interview questions before you even get to the interview (page157); 
  • How to use body language in your interview to influence the selection panel (page 177)
  • Where to find every permanent government vacancy in Australia (there are over 3000 new ones a week) (page 18);
  • How to unravel the mystery of government recruitment and turn from a loser, into a winner(page 4)

Plus 200 more pages of advice, examples and answers that will put your application on the top of the pile.

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