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About the Levels of Government in NSW

In Australia our government is broken into three levels; Commonwealth (or Federal) Government, State/Territory Government and Local Government. Every single level accounts for it's individual industrial relations and they because of this keep control of and recruit their work force independently. Every level of government and the way they conduct their recruitment is described in more detail following.

The Commonwealth (or Federal) Government implements laws and regulations created by the Federal Parliament. The Commonwealth Government's accountabilities are set out in the Australian Constitution and basically embody national matters, including trade and commerce, currency, immigration, defence, telecommunications and welfare. The Commonwealth Government is headed by a Prime Minister. Commonwealth Government agencies are found all over Australia, within urban and non-urban areas.

commonwealth government jobs An index of Commonwealth Government departments and agencies is available here.

state government jobs  All permanent and several non permanent openings are publicised widely on this website.

The New South Wales State Government is accountable for matters including police, schools, roads, hospitals, public housing and business regulation.A very comparable framework to the Commonwealth Government is found in the State Government, that's headed by a Premier. Positions in the State Government are found all over the State with the majority in Sydney.

government departments  A listing of the NSW Government's departments and agencies is available here

government departments  All permanent as well as some short term opportunities are announced publicly on this webpage

Local governments assist the state government and are normally in the form of a council or shire. They are responsible for town planning, building works, local roads, parking, water and sewerage, waste disposal, domestic animals and community facilities. A council is headed by a Mayor. Local government premises are situated in every council or shire in the state.

government departments  A list of NSW's councils is available here

government departments  Some, but not all council jobs are listed on the Careers at Council website, a national initiative deisgned by the state and territory Local Government Associations. However, not all positions are found here and it is recommended that you check each council's individual website. Visit Career at Council here.

government departments  Senior council vacancies are listed here.