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About the Levels of Government in the ACT

In Australia our government is broken into three levels; Commonwealth (or Federal) Government, State/Territory Government and Local Government. There is no local government in the ACT however.

Each level is responsible for it's own industrial relations and they therefore manage and recruit their workforce separately. Each level of government and how they recruit is explained in more detail below.

The Commonwealth (or Federal) Government implements laws made by the Federal Parliament. Its responsibilities are set out in the Australian Constitution and primarily include national matters, such as trade and commerce, currency, immigration, defence, telecommunications and welfare. The Commonwealth Government is headed by the Prime Minister. Commonwealth Government departments are located throughout Australia in both regional and rural areas.

commonwealth government jobs A list of Commonwealth Government departments and agencies is available here.

state government jobs  All permanent and some temporary vacancies are advertised publicly on this website.

The ACT Government is responsible for state/territory and local government matters such as police, schools, roads, hospitals, public housing, business regulation, town planning, building works, local roads, parking, water and sewerage, waste disposal, domestic animals and community facilities. A very similar structure to the Commonwealth Government is observed in the State/Territory Government, which is headed by a Premier. 

government departments  A list of the government's departments / agencies and their vacancies are available here