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About the Levels of Government in the Northern Territory

Within Australia our government is divided down into three levels; Commonwealth (or Federal) Government, State/Territory Government and Local Government. Every single level accounts for it's own industrial relations so they as a result control and enlist their work force on their own. Each level of government and how they hire their workforce is referred to in more detail further down.

The Commonwealth (or Federal) Government puts into practice laws produced by the Federal Parliament. The Federal Government's responsibilities are determined in the Australian Constitution and essentially consist of national concerns, including industry and commerce, currency, immigration, defence, telecommunications and welfare. The Commonwealth Government is headed by the Prime Minister. Commonwealth Government divisions are located all around Australia, within both regional and rural areas.

Victoria  A listing of Commonwealth Government departments and agencies is presented here.

Victoria  All permanent and several non-permanent openings are listed widely on this web page.

The State Government is mainly responsible for matters for instance police, schools, roads, hospitals, public housing and business regulation.A highly comparable structure to the Commonwealth Government is observed in the State Government, that is headed by a Premier. Opportunities in the State Government are found all through the Northern Territory with the largest percentage based in Darwin and Alice Springs.

Victoria  A list of the government's departments and agencies is available here.

Victoria  All permanent and several short term openings are listed openly on this site.

Local governments assist the state and are usually in the form of a council or shire. They are accountable for town planning, building works, local roads, parking, water and sewerage, waste disposal, domestic animals and community facilities. A council is headed by a Mayor. Local government offices are located in every council or shire in the state.

Victoria  A list of Northern Territory councils is obtainable here.

Victoria  Vacancies in Local Council within the Northern Territory can be found here.

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