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About The Author of Get That Job!

Vanessa Jordan has been a government recruiter since 2003, and before this worked for recruitment agencies and private companies as a recruitment consultant.

Her passion is seeing the right person get the right job, and consequently works with government agencies helping them improve their recruitment policies and practices to be quicker, easier, more transperant and less difficult for applicant and seleciton panel member alike.

Vanessa has also authored a number of ebooks to help government job applicants cut through the red tape and hours of time it takes to prepare a government job application. Get That Job! covers the whole recruitment process and explains in easy to understand and action terms, what is required, and how to do it.

Get That Job!

Get That Job!
Get That Job! The Best Guide to Applying for a Government Job is our best selling e-book, with over 290 pages of powerful information to ensure your next application is a winner.

The author is a government recruitment panel member who has assessed countless applications and conducted thousands of interviews. She knows what works and what doesn't work, and has turned the results of her work into a powerful resource.

It covers:
1. The government and how recruitment processes work
2. Finding vacancies
3. Cover letters, resumes and referees
4. Addressing selection criteria
5. Government interviews
and includes checklists,  examples,  comprehensive lists of things for you to cover in your responses to selection criteria and insider tips to create an impressive written application.

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